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Approved Audi, BMW, Volvo and VW Accident Repairs in Caterham

Dorking ARC

Why do motorists, private, trade and fleet, choose Dorking Accident Repair Centre over dealership bodyshops? We have some huge names in our area where customers can go for authorised Audi accident repairs or approved BMW repairs. In fact, any workshop with VW approval has authorisation to repair Seat and Skoda models as well. There are dealerships in Caterham who can perform approved Volvo repairs or VW accident repairs too, so what makes us so popular with our customers?

We think it has something to do with our approach to local people, our excellent local reputation and our commitment to local services. We meet you by accident, but we have a deliberate intent to make you a customer for life.

Dorking Accident Repair Centre has authorisation to perform approved accident repairs on all Audi, BMW, VW and Volvo models, but we still cover Caterham as an independent company. This means we still have the friendly, customer-focused approach to business that some dealerships, because of their size, growth and expansion, sadly start to lose.

Authorised Audi Accident Repairs – Dorking ARC, of course, still delivers all of the benefits you’d expect from a main dealership. We use genuine Audi parts, and the tools and equipment this prestige manufacturer demands of its approved workshop network, to keep all current warranties intact.

We also use specified paints and materials on authorised Audi accident repairs with the guarantee of a great colour match.

Approved BMW Repairs – BMW owners in Caterham prefer an approved and authorised service because it guarantees genuine manufacturer parts, the trade’s most modern repair methods and, where required, the use of innovative SMART technology. We meet current requirements in our annual independent audits.

Dorking Accident Repair Centre can perform approved BMW repairs on models across the manufacturer’s entire range.

VW Accident Repairs – Because we have approval from the VW Group, our accident repair centre is a magnet for trade and fleet customers from Caterham. The VW brand has commercial models in its range which, while well known for their reliability, are just as likely to be in an accident.

We perform VW accident repairs on all passenger, LCV and LVG models to the rigorous standards demanded by Volkswagen.

Approved Volvo Repairs – Mention the Volvo name to anybody and the first thing that usually comes to mind is safety. It makes sense that a manufacturer with such a strong reputation for safety would insist on exceptional standards for their approved bodyshops too. This is certainly the case with Volvo.

We can undertake approved Volvo repairs to the exact same standards as dealership bodyshops in the Caterham area.

Reasons to Choose Dorking Accident Repair Centre

Approved repair work isn’t the only reason for choosing Dorking Accident Repair Centre. We have the BSI Kitemark, and our company is a proud member of the Auto Body Professionals (ABP) Club. Established in 1997, we’ve grown exponentially and now have 30+ employees on the payroll. In fact, we have so much combined experience in our team, it’s almost impossible to put a figure on it.

Some say 150 years, but it could well be more. This is an obvious point of interest for many Caterham motorists.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship, up to twice that required to be an approved repairer for most major manufacturer marques. To retain the status needed to perform authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs, VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs, our technicians take regular training courses.

This helps us to comply with manufacturer specifications now, and when they change in the future.

More than anything else, however, it is our friendly outlook and our pride in local services that makes Dorking Accident Repair Services such a preferred choice over main dealership workshops in Caterham, and over all of our key independent competitors in Surrey, West Sussex and the South East.

Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030. We perform authorised Audi, BMW, Volvo and VW accident repairs for customers and clients in the Caterham area.