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First Choice for Car Accident Repairs in Cobham | Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd

As the Cobham and wider Surrey area’s go-to accident repair centre, it’s important we stay aware of what it is that is actually causing road accidents. That way we know exactly what to look for when a client comes to us in need of crash repairs. Keeping our fingers on the pulse also means we can quickly and efficiently get a vehicle ready to head back on the road, following car body repairs, dent repairs or the similar car accident repairs we provide.


So below, the Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd team has looked at some fascinating recent statistics which show the most common causes for road accidents in Cobham and the wider UK. Chance are if you’ve been in an accident, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is reading the following blog! So skip ahead by calling us directly on 01306 743 030 or visit us directly at our Dorking premises.


Most Common Causes for Road Accidents


Defective Brakes – A dangerous one for obvious reasons, defective brakes cause 33% of all accidents in this category. But surprisingly, the vast majority of those who experience this kind of accident only require very minor crash repairs or dent repairs (84%, according to the aforementioned official statistics). We still urge Cobham motorists to seek out a repair garage ASAP if brakes start to feel less responsive, or make a jarring noise when applied.


Defective/Under-Inflated Tyres – This also constituted 33% of accidents as a result of defective components. Most motorists know to monitor their tyre pressure, but many forget and before they know it, begin to notice a change in performance. But 52% of the road fatalities in this overall category were down to illegal/under-inflated or defective tyres. When you consider how sizeable this proportion is, it really begins to hit home how important it is to keep tyres optimally inflated and avoid a visit to the hospital or indeed a visit to Dorking Accident Repair Centre!


Overloaded Vehicle – An overloaded or improperly attached trailer caused 10% of defect-led accidents in 2014. As with most of the issues on this list, this is easily avoidable. And while 82% were minor issues requiring minimal crash repairs or dent repairs, 16% were serious and 2% fatal. It’s important to take note of the loading restrictions outlined in your manufacturer’s handbook. Overloading a vehicle can ruin its handling and make it much easier for Cobham motorists to be involved in an unfortunate traffic accident.


Defective Lights or Indicators – Lights and indicators fulfil a vital safety purpose. Who doesn’t get annoyed when someone cuts through a lane or takes a sudden turn without indicating?! We think even a Zen monk (rare around Cobham) would shake his fist in anger! Sometimes it’s because these motorists have defective lights/indicators; it’s easy to see why this issue could cause an accident. Check your lights from time to time as not only will you avoid a visit to Dorking Accident Repair Centre for car body repairs, dent repairs, or some other form of avoidable car accident repairs – but you’ll also avoid falling foul of the law! No one enjoys a fine…


Missing Mirrors – This only comprised 1% of road accidents caused by vehicle-defects. But considering how noticeable it is when you lose a wing mirror, and how straightforward a repair it is, it’d be a shame to end up in a serious accident because you neglected replacing one. You do the math – would you rather pay to replace a mirror, or roll the dice and perhaps end up with a bill for major car body repairs? We know what we’d rather do!


While we encourage our Cobham clients to ensure their vehicles aren’t suffering from preventable defects through regular servicing and profession, and to repair any problems that do occur as and when they emerge, we don’t want to scare you! Note that most crash repairs and dent repairs we carry out are following minor accidents. Indeed, of the 2,171 reported accidents that were associated with vehicle defects – 79% were minor, and 19% were serious. The remaining 2% were unfortunately fatal, so always be vigilant with your vehicle.


If you do suffer an accident, then Dorking Accident Repair Centre, just a short drive from Cobham, will ensure that your vehicle gets back to its former state quickly and without breaking the bank. Call us today to discuss the car accident repairs you require.


For professional crash repairs and dent repairs, we urge Cobham motorists to call Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd on 01306 743 030.