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Approved BMW Repairs in Cobham

Authorised Accident Repairs from an Independent Specialist

With an accident repair centre in Dorking that welcomes private, trade and fleet customers from nearby Cobham, we know why choosing an independent company might not be an immediate option for many. When people think of authorised Audi accident repairs or approved BMW repairs, they mostly think about main dealerships. What some of these people fail to realise is that, because of demand, most major vehicle manufacturers also have their own networks of authorised independent workshops.

Dorking Accident Repair Centre is one such workshop. We have authorisation to work on all Audi models and on the BMW marque. Motorists, trade members and fleet operators can use us for approved Volvo repairs and for VW accident repairs too, which also gives us approval to work on cars from Seat and Skoda.

Because we work to the exact same manufacturer specifications as a main dealership, our Cobham customers will never notice any discernible differences in the quality of our workmanship. Our accident repair centre fulfils all criteria to gain authorisations and approvals, and it also undergoes annual auditing to ensure we uphold our very high standards.

Use us as an alternative to dealerships for

Because we have VW group approval, we can perform authorised accident repairs on commercial models too.

Approved Repair Status | Manufacturer Specification

To gain approval from a manufacturer, an accident repair centre has to meet certain standards. We are authorised and approved to undertake accident repairs on Audi, BMW, VW and Volvo models because our company has the required repair systems in place, and our technicians have the training required to display competence in modern repair procedures.

The one thing our Cobham customers can expect from the outset is the use of genuine manufacturer parts. Independents, like dealerships, preserve warranties by working to manufacturer schedules and specifications.

And, whenever there’s a warranty, there’s a guarantee to consider too.

Dorking Accident Repair Centre offers a minimum 10-year workmanship warranty on all paintwork, which is twice that required to perform authorised Audi accident repairs. Because we also perform approved BMW repairs, VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs, our company has to use the correct type of paint system for each particular brand.

Just like dealership accident repair centres in Cobham, we have paint mixing systems from Glasurit and Spies Hecker.

Add in that our experienced repair and paint technicians also attend regular training courses to keep them abreast of new systems and materials. All new personnel undergo apprentice training. It’s easy to see why Dorking Accident Repair Centre, as a trusted independent, has the required authorisations and approvals for the industry’s most prestigious brands.

The Friendly Face of an Independent

When dealership and independent accident repair centres offer the exact same services, guarantees and warranties, what does it matter if you choose one or the other? With an insurer paying for the repairs, it’s not as if price will make much of a difference either. Even a specialist German car workshop that works on authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs or VW accident repairs won’t be too different to any other company offering exactly the same thing.

Until it comes to service.

Customers from the Cobham area who book in for authorised Audi, BMW and VW accident repairs, or for approved Volvo repairs, always get the best in personalised service from the accident management specialists at our repair centre.

We treat you like a friend, not as a statistic, and we always make you the most important person in our business.

Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030. We perform authorised Audi, BMW, Volvo and VW accident repairs for customers and clients in the Cobham area.