After 23 successful years as Dorking ARC we have rebranded as Finesse Accident Repair Centres

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Approved Accident Repair Centre near Cranleigh

Glasurit and Spies Hecker Paints

Located in Dorking, our accident repair centre is just a short 10-mile drive from the nearby Cranleigh area. Private, trade and fleet customers make the short journey to our workshop for authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs because we’ve passed independent audits for meeting current workmanship standards on these German marques. We also perform approved Volvo repairs, and have authorisation to work on Seat, Skoda and Subaru models too.

One way that Dorking Accident Repair Centre retains its approved status is through the use of market-leading paints from Glasurit and Spies Hecker. For authorised Audi accident repairs and approved BMW repairs, we use the Glasurit brand. For VW accident repairs, we use Spies Hecker paint.

Spies Hecker is also the recommended brand for approved Volvo repairs.

Because we have VW Group approval, many of our customers from Cranleigh have commercial interests, either as businesses or as fleet operators. The team at our accident repair centre knows it is normally the turnaround of a repair that gets an accident-damaged vehicle back on the road sooner, and this is the most important factor for businesses.

So why is it just as important to use the right paint?

Colour Matching and Hazardous Materials

Glasurit and Spies Hecker use complex paint matching systems that not only identify the colour by its own code, but which also help to establish variations in the factory shade. If we undertake authorised Audi accident repairs and the car is in Monsoon Grey, or approved BMW repairs on a model in Alpine White, motorists in Cranleigh expect us to get the colour down perfectly. While we have ways to achieve this through our working procedures, such as blending, getting the correct paint mix is always at the heart of great colour matching.

When we undertake VW accident repairs or approved Volvo repairs, we take just as much care with Spies Hecker paint to make sure the colour chosen matches the existing finish.

What many of our Cranleigh customers might not know is that to gain authorisations and approvals, our accident repair centre has to meet strict environmental standards too. The paint colours we use are all waterborne (or water based). This is important because it reduces the release of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, and it also helps us to comply with current COSHH regulations.

Resilient Topcoats and a Showroom Finish

To preserve the water-based paint colour, our technicians apply a protective clearcoat. This material layers the colour in coats to provide a durable, high-gloss finish that is resistant to ultraviolet light, small stones, weathering and minor scuffing. We guarantee our authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs for 10 years, more than twice the minimum period specified by Audi themselves.

This is great news not just for motorists in Cranleigh, but also for those in the surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas. We offer equivalent paint warranties on our approved Volvo repairs.

Dorking Accident Repair Centre sends its technicians on regular courses with Glasurit and Spies Hecker, and also invites brand demonstrators to our workshop on Lincoln Road to provide in-house training. In doing so, we can exceed expectations where some other bodyshops fail.

We can also take on repair work for customers in the Cranleigh area even if they don’t own an Audi, a BMW, a VW or a Volvo. While we have authorised and approved status to repair these particular marques, we can perform accident repairs on any make or model, and we always deliver a showroom finish that matches the original paint colour to perfection.

Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030 to discuss approved BMW and Volvo repairs. We also take on Audi and VW accident repairs for customers in Cranleigh.