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First Port of Call for Car Accident Repairs in Cranleigh | Dorking Accident Repair Centre

Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd is often receiving visits from Cranleigh motorists who have recently been involved in a collision and require crash repairs. Being in a car accident can be a very distressing and disorientating thing, but know that they are surprisingly common – there wouldn’t be car accident repairs specialists if they weren’t! Also know that while it might seem like an utter disaster, it’s really not the end of the world. Both minor dent repairs and major car body repairs are often covered by insurance, and your vehicle will rarely be out of commission very long while we carry them out, as we pride ourselves on providing a speedy service.


We really want to ensure that each and every Cranleigh motorist who comes through this website is mentally prepared just in case they are involved in an accident, to reduce the associated emotional stress to a bare minimum. That’s why in this article, our team of crash repairs experts have provided a few tips on what to do following an accident. If you’re more interested in booking an appointment for car body repairs, dent repairs or another aspect of the car accident repairs that we provide – then this advice may be too little, too late! Instead, pick up the phone and call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743 030.


What to Following a Car Accident in Cranleigh


Keep Calm – First of all, try to stay as calm as possible. While more serious crashes can be traumatic, there’s a very logical process that should be followed and it’s very difficult to do this when in a hysterical state. As we mentioned earlier, car crashes are quite common – you’re not the first and you won’t be the last, and everything will be fine in no time at all.


Exit the Vehicle – Once you’ve cleared your head ,turn off the engine, turn hazard lights on and carefully exit the vehicle. Other Cranleigh motorists could be passing close-by, so always double check your mirrors before stepping on to the road.


Check for Injury – Check to see if you or a passenger are injured before checking if the passengers of any other vehicle involved in the incident are injured. If they are, call 999 immediately and request medical assistance.


Do NOT, Admit Liability – Even if you suspect that an error you’ve made could have caused the accident, do not admit this. You can be disorientated and/or know only part of the picture, which isn’t going to properly explain why the accident happened. And by admitting liability, you could invalidate your insurance. This could mean that you have to personally pay for car accident repairs – whether they be serious car body repairs, minor dent repairs or a different service that we offer as part of our range of crash repairs.


Get Details – Once you’re sure everyone has been attended to on a medical level, collect all the essential details that you might need for an insurance claim. Names and addresses, vehicle types and registration numbers, insurance details, the location of the accident, time and date of the accident, current weather conditions etc. Anything you think might be relevant.


Take Photographs – Nowadays, the vast majority of Cranleigh motorists has a smart-phone capable of taking decent quality photos. Take as many as possible, covering the areas of damage on each vehicle, and the wider environment, focusing on any factors that could have caused an accident (pot holes, ice on the road etc). These can be vital for ensuring your visit to an accident repair centre is covered by insurance.


Co-operate With Police – They won’t always attend a scene, especially if it’s a minor accident that’s only going to require minor car body repairs e.g dent repairs, and hasn’t involved in any injury or criminal wrongdoing, but if the police do come along, take note of office names and badge numbers and be sure to co-operate. However, still do not admit liability.


Check Vehicle – If your vehicle is still working a-ok, then drive it home immediately. But if the crash has resulted in mechanical damage that effects the handling/performance of your vehicle, or indeed its roadworthiness on the legal side of things, you may need to call and get it towed. The important elements are that the tyres are still properly inflated, lights are still working, and there aren’t major bodywork issues that could cause injury or accidents to other Cranleigh road users.


Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre – Before calling your insurance providers, have the Dorking Accident Repair Centre team carry out an assessment of the damage. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what car accident repairs / crash repairs you’ll need covered, so you can go into the call fully clued-up and aware of the damage caused.


For more assistance regarding car accident repairs, call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743 030. We’re well-known throughout Cranleigh for providing a quality service.