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Crash Repairs in Epsom, Guildford and Reigate from

Dorking’s Trusted Bodyshop

Operating from premises on Lincoln Road, Dorking Accident Repair Centre undertakes crash repairs for customers in all surrounding Surrey locations. Epsom, Guildford and Reigate are just a few examples of the many areas covered by our company. Crash repairs specifically relate to car accident repairs, the type of work which normally follows impact damage caused in a road traffic accident. They also cover dent repairs and panel replacements.


Whereas car body repairs will often relate to superficial damage, such as small scratches in the paintwork caused by your keys or parking alongside dense bushes, crash repairs relate to damage caused in an accident only. Dorking Accident Repair Centre can manage car accident repairs from start-to-finish, including work from all major UK insurance companies.

The Crash Repair Process


The process begins with a visit to our accident repair centre in Dorking. We invite you to bring in your vehicle for an estimate but, if the damage is too extensive and you are unable to drive your vehicle, we’ll arrange recovery from anywhere in the Epsom, Guildford and Reigate areas. Alternatively, we can provide an estimate at your own home or workplace.


Remember that you have the final say in where you have crash repairs and car accident repairs undertaken, and you do not have to use an approved repairer in Dorking or Surrey recommended by your insurer. You only need to apply for a single estimate, so don’t feel obliged to chase around for multiple quotes just because an insurer says you have to.


If you are happy to have non-fault car body repairs and dent repairs from an accident undertaken by Dorking Accident Repair Centre, you don’t even need to talk to your insurance company yourself. We deal with selected accident management companies on your behalf to gain approval for car accident repairs from engineers and loss adjusters.

Once we have approval for crash repairs, our Dorking, Epsom, Guildford, Reigate and Surrey customers can expect the rest of the process to run as follows:

  • We identify the vehicle, any additional extras and the on-board systems
  • Our personnel also identify the damaged components
  • Dorking Accident Repair Centre analyses vehicle safety systems and locations
  • Next, we research the manufacturer’s repair methods
  • A final detailed and cost estimate is prepared for the insurer
  • We check which adjacent panels require painting for a perfect colour match
  • Our estimators liaise with the insurer to agree the repair method and cost
  • All parts needed to perform car accident repairs are procured
  • We issue the work order to our workshop and brief our workshop technicians
  • A pre-repair diagnostic check and fault code analysis is undertaken
  • Our company analyses manufacturer repair methods and location of safety systems
  • Parts are removed to begin the process of car body repairs
  • We may identify additional damaged parts once the vehicle is dismantled
  • Additional damage is digitally uploaded onto our Audatex estimating system
  • Dorking Accident Repair Centre notifies the insurer of additional part requirements
  • Our administrative team procures all additional parts required
  • Skilled technicians perform dent repairs, body alignment and panel replacements
  • Next, we prepare the repair with primers and sealers, and allow correct curing times
  • Prior to painting, our refinishers identify the vehicle paint code
  • We mix the vehicle colour using our own integrated paint mixing scheme
  • Our preparation specialists sand down primers to an exact finish
  • Next, we mask the vehicle in preparation of paintwork and to reduce overspray
  • Our refinishers apply water-based colours and protective clear coats
  • Colours and clear coats cure in a modern low-bake oven
  • We analyse manufacturer repair methods for various torque settings
  • Our technicians reassemble the vehicle and check for correct repair methods
  • They also check the functionality of removed components and safety systems
  • A full steering geometry check is provided after final vehicle reassembly
  • Full road testing takes places to check for handling and performance
  • After all car body repairs, we perform a detailed valet and interior clean
  • Visual checks are made to ensure we meet strict quality control standards

While your vehicle is with us for crash repairs, we promise to keep you updated with our progress. Customers in Epsom, Guildford and Reigate, as well as those from our home town of Dorking, have access to courtesy cars while our technicians perform car accident repairs and dent repairs on their own vehicles (subject to the terms of their insurance policy).


Dorking Accident Repair Centre also welcomes private, fleet and trade customers in need of car body repairs caused by non-accident damage. This includes dent repairs, particularly those annoying dings related to stray trollies in supermarket car parks or from accidentally dropping tools onto the bodywork while performing your own weekly maintenance.

To discuss crash repairs and car accident repairs with trusted local specialists, call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030.