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Audi, BMW and VW Accident Repairs in Crawley

Traditional and Modern Skills Combined

Dorking Accident Repair Centre has a skilled team of technicians with 150+ years of combined experience, but it could actually be much more. There is so much experience at our company, we’ve lost count of how many combined years our team has worked in the trade. We meet our customers in Crawley by accident, usually when they come to us for authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs or VW accident repairs.

The fact that they stay with us, however, is thanks to a very deliberate effort on our own part.

Book in for work on your German car, or for approved Volvo repairs if you own one of these popular Swedish models, and we’ll make you a customer for life. Our accident repair centre is within easy reach of Crawley, and we offer a range of approved repairs which meet manufacturer specifications.

Because we are authorised for VW accident repairs, we can also work with approval on all Seat and Skoda models.

All technicians at our company attend courses to keep them informed on the latest repair procedures, and on the correct application systems for paints and materials. We perform approved BMW repairs, authorised VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs, as well as work on Audi, Seat and Skoda models, using paints from Glasurit and Spies Hecker.

What many of our Crawley customers might not know is that we combine traditional repair skills with some of the most innovative practices and systems in our sector.

Traditional Accident Repair Services

Dorking Accident Repair Centre uses traditional repair systems to address accident damage. Following a major collision, the chassis sometimes misaligns. This not only affects the safety of your vehicle, but it also stops the panels from lining up correctly after repair or replacement. We can put your car onto a body alignment jig and, working to current manufacturer specifications from technical data sheets, reposition the damaged area across multiple points to straighten things out.

To be authorised and approved for Audi accident repairs, BMW repairs, Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs, bodyshops in the Crawley area, and those nationwide, must have a recognised body alignment (or jig) system in place.

Our accident repair centre also uses time-honoured skills to fix smaller dents and impact damage. Technicians can use pulling equipment, such as hydraulic arms, or hand tools, including hammers, dollies and flips. For major accident damage where the chassis hasn’t misaligned, we replace the panels completely using genuine manufacturer parts.

We have a network of main dealership and approved suppliers, in the Dorking, Crawley and South East areas, who deliver genuine parts direct to our door.

Our authorised Audi accident repairs, approved Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs come with a 10-year guarantee.

Modern SMART Body Repairs

For approved BMW repairs, in particular, we make use of SMART repair technology. While this is a system we can also apply to Audi, Volvo and VW models, or to any other manufacturer marque, BMW has pioneered SMART repairs through its network of approved accident repair centres. This is a small to medium area repair technique that localises the damage and confines it. This keeps repair costs low, promotes faster turnaround times and eliminates the need for blending.

We are one of only a handful of bodyshops in the Crawley area to embrace SMART technology to the extent where customers regard us as local and regional specialists.

SMART repairs really come into their own on plastic panels, such as bumpers. Dorking Accident Repair Centre can often repair plastic panels using SMART repair technology even when other workshops have quoted for a replacement. It is acceptable to use the latest SMART systems on authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs, VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs.

Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030 to discuss approved BMW and Volvo repairs. We also take on Audi and VW accident repairs for customers in Crawley.