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How Weather Conditions Affect Road Safety

As an accident repair centre covering the Surrey and West Sussex areas since 1997, we’ve seen more than our fair share of banged up vehicles. Whether your car is involved in a traffic collision or you returned from the supermarket to find a scratch on your paintwork, there are numerous reasons why you might come to us for VW accident repairs and approved BMW repairs.

However, the weather is one of the biggest contributing factors to the need for such works as approved Volvo repairs and authorised Audi accident repairs around Dorking.

Changeable weather conditions can easily influence crash rates, as well as the exposure to certain traffic hazards. While some conditions affect braking distances, others cause poor visibility. Both of which can result in motorists seeking out our accident repair centre.

This page looks at the most serious offender, when it comes to the weather causing traffic accidents.


If you want to avoid the need for approved Volvo repairs, VW accident repairs and approved BMW repairs, we recommend you take great care when driving around Dorking during showers. Research shows that even if you drive slower, overtake less and increase your following distance, the risk of crashing is still far greater than driving in dry weather.

Some of our customers required authorised Audi accident repairs after heavy rainfall, and the spray from nearby vehicles, affected their visibility and led to a collision.

Other concerns to be mindful of with precipitation include:

As a company with a reputation for manufacturer-approved services across a wide range of marques, such as approved BMW repairs and approved Volvo repairs, we only ever use genuine replacement parts. So, whether you require repair, refurbishment or refinishing services, we guarantee to restore your vehicle to its original factory condition.

If you have suffered a traffic collision due to adverse weather conditions, come to our accident repair centre. Our expert bodyshop technicians have the training and technology to carry out all repairs, in compliance with manufacturer standards.

We will get you back on the road in no time at all.

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