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Find Yourself in Need of Crash Repairs in Esher? Call Dorking Accident Repair Centre…

Many of the car accident repairs that we carry out for Esher motorists are covered by motor insurance policies. But understanding insurance can be an absolute headache for those who haven’t done their research, due to the terminology often used and the vast amount of small print that there is to toil over. One of the biggest points of conflict is the question: “what exactly constitutes a write-off and what does this mean?” After all, to your eyes it might seem that following professional crash repairs from a qualified team of experts, like Dorking Accident Repair Centre, your vehicle will be good as new. Well, insurance providers don’t always see it that way.


So in this post we’ve looked to provide some insight into the main categories that insurance companies use to designate “write-offs” following an accident – running from A to D. If you’ve just experienced an accident yourself, and need the assistance of a car accident repairs specialist, which can handle anything from minor dent repairs to full-fledged car body repairs, pick up the phone and call 01306 743 030. A friendly member of the Dorking Accident Repair Centre team will explain exactly what to do. We’re a popular choice for Esher drivers due to being just a short journey away.


Insurance Write-offs Explained


First of all let’s explain the process that follows an accident. Following the incident, you call your insurance provider and they arrange for someone to access your vehicle. If they consider it a “write-off”, they will then categorise it.


Depending on the category, you have the choice of receiving a cash pay-out for the amount they deem fair, or you may be able to keep it and have it undergo crash repairs / significant car body repairs until it’s roadworthy again. Which option will prove most cost-efficient for you depends on your situation – no two Esher clients are alike! But the Dorking Accident Repair Centre team will be able to help you throughout the process. Anyway, on to the categories…


Category A Vehicles – The category reserved for the most seriously damaged cars, category A vehicles are deemed only suitable for scrapping. Essentially, it means that no amount of car accident repairs will be able to save them. They must be crushed and can only be sold to recyclers. No parts can be legally used again.


Category B Vehicles – This category includes vehicles that again, are not allowed back on the road. While it’s deemed that car body repairs etc. will not cut the mustard, Esher motorists with cat B vehicles can sell certain salvaged parts, unlike with cat A vehicles.


Category C Vehicles – These cars are allowed back on the road, as they are deemed saveable via professional car accident repairs. However, cat C means the insurer deems the cost of repair work to be in excess of the vehicle’s value. Side note: a cat C car will need to undergo a Vehicle Identify Check.


Category D Vehicles – Category D vehicles are also ok to get back on the road, after car body repairs and any mechanical repairs are taken care of. While insurance providers deem that the cost of repairs is actually under the value, they write it off because other associated costs and liabilities, like storage costs and the hire of a courtesy vehicle, all add up to a significant sum.


If you’ve experienced an accident in Esher or any surrounding Surrey locale, pick up the phone and give Dorking Accident Repair Centre a call. We are the county’s first choice for all types of car accident repairs, from minor dent repairs to the most substantial of car body repairs / crash repairs.


Dial 01306 743 030 to speak with a friendly member of our team. We deliver an exceptional standard of workmanship and service to all Esher motorists in need of car accident repairs.