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Approved Volvo Repairs in Esher

The Most Common Repairs We Undertake

From adverse weather conditions to other motorists ignoring the speed limit, there are many causes of traffic accidents. Even if you are a careful and considerate driver, you cannot account for the weather or for the way other people drive. But while certain elements are beyond your control, there are several ways to reduce your likelihood of being involved in a collision. At Dorking Accident Repair Centre, we believe that taking good care of your vehicle is the best way to avoid an accident.  

Despite what our name suggests, we don’t just carry out post-accident repair works. As well as specialising in approved Volvo repairs, authorised Audi accident repairs, approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs, we also undertake servicing and maintenance works for all marques and models around Esher.

This helps us to keep your car in top working condition, improving both the safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Like any machine, how much you use a car can seriously affect its performance. While some components may suffer wear and tear due to constant use, others could malfunction if you don’t use your vehicle enough. Whatever the reason, it is inevitable that something will go wrong with your vehicle at some stage.    

Some of the most common repairs we perform include:

Tyre Replacements

Motorists throughout Esher come to us for authorised Audi accident repairs, and VW accident repairs, after a problem with their tyres caused them to crash. There are many reasons why your tyres could be unsafe and may need replacing:

Wheel Alignment

Sometimes replacing a worn tyre is only half the job. Uneven wearing of a tyre often indicates that you have wheel alignment issues. Other symptoms include feeling vibrations in your steering wheel when driving around Esher at high speeds, and if your vehicle tracks to one side of the road more than the other. Along with VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs, we carry out wheel alignments. This ensures that your front and rear wheels are parallel and track straight ahead.  

As an authorised Audi accident repairs specialist, we have invested heavily in a range of equipment to earn approval from Audi. This includes a body alignment system, which also handles wheel alignment.


If you drive a vehicle that has a manual transmission, eventually the clutch pedal may break, or the clutch will wear out. Driving with a broken clutch could result in further damage to the gearbox, the starter motor or the clutch itself. If your clutch slips when you’re driving around Esher or you struggle to change gear, come to our accident repair centre for a manufacturer-recommended replacement.

We offer this service as part of our approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs.

Our bodyshop experts also replace clutches on a range of other marques and models, including Audi, Skoda, Subaru and Volvo.

Call our accident repair centre on 01306 743030 for reliable, approved BMW repairs, VW accident repairs, approved Volvo repairs and authorised Audi accident repairs in the Esher area.