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Car Accident Repairs in Guildford | After an Incident

As much as we don’t like to entertain the thought, road traffic accidents occur all too often. Here at Dorking Accident Repair Centre, we are here to soften the blow for those unlucky enough to suffer an incident on the road. We offer a range of Kitemark accredited services including crash repairs, dent repairs and car body repairs. We understand that accident can occur at any time as we go about our daily lives but when the worst happens, our Guildford customers can relax knowing there are no car accident repairs beyond our capabilities.


When accidents happen, they can be a bit of a shock to those involved but, with a calm head and the help of Dorking Accident Repair Centre, an incident in the Guildford area doesn’t need to become a crisis. We’re here to manage the process of crash repairs on your behalf, but it’s especially helpful for you to know what to do in the event of an accident too.

What Should I Do After an Accident?


Regardless of how minor you think an incident might be, the first thing you always have to do is stop your vehicle. If you don’t, you will be committing an offence under the Road Traffic Act. We advise our Guildford customers to turn off their engines and to switch on their hazard lights. Exit the vehicle when it is safe to do so, inspect your car and also the vehicle(s) of anybody else involved in the accident.


It will usually be immediately apparent if you are in need of any car body repairs. If any other vehicle(s) were involved, co-operate with the driver(s) and exchange all relevant information but it’s best not to admit liability even if you think the accident was your fault.


If the need for car accident repairs is minor and your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, you can visit Dorking Accident Repair Centre personally for an estimate. If the damage is excessive, we can visit your home or workplace in Guildford instead because we have mobile estimators on our team.


Our estimators assess the damage and recommend the relevant service, such as crash repairs, paintless dent repairs or any other form of car body repairs. We also offer our Guildford customers a full vehicle recovery service, which we discuss further down the page.


Should your vehicle need to remain at our state-of-the-art facility in Dorking, you will be offered one of our twenty onsite courtesy cars to see you through the duration of our crash repairs (conditions apply). Each vehicle is less than 3 years old and a certified five-seat model (five seatbelts) as stated by Department for Transport guidelines.


If you have any specific vehicle requirements, such as a five-door vehicle or an automatic, please inform a member of our staff and we’ll be happy to arrange whatever you need. Our courtesy range also extends to 2 vans, which is perfect for tradespeople in Guildford while their own transport undergoes crash repairs, dent repairs or car body repairs.

A Convenient Accident Recovery Service


Dorking Accident Repair Centre’s recovery service is a huge benefit to those without their own breakdown or accident cover. Our 7.5 tonne Mercedes Atego (Low Emission Zone compliant) can come to the scene of the accident (or to your Guildford home or work address where applicable) and transport your vehicle back to our facility in Dorking. If we carry out your car accident repairs, this service is entirely free of charge.


Should your vehicle be confirmed a total loss by the insurer because crash repairs are uneconomical but you would like a second opinion, we can look at the situation and provide a full evaluation. Some insurers write vehicles off because the cost of car accident repairs at their approved workshops is capped. We can often find a more economical method of repair by obtaining salvaged parts but never at the expense of your personal safety.


Dorking Accident Repair Centre will liaise with your insurance company on your behalf under these circumstances. We understand that our Guildford customers will have other things on their minds at this particular time so, when you need to negotiate crash repairs or dent repairs with your insurer, leave everything to us. We deal directly with selected accident management companies to gain faster approval for car body repairs.


Once we gain approval from your insurer, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Whether it’s confirming the authorisation of car accident repairs or dent repairs, or to discuss your total loss options, our friendly, understanding and experienced staff will always be here to help you. That’s why we’re the trusted local accident repair centre for the entire Guildford area!


Please note that services are available to private, fleet and trade customers.

For more information about car accident repairs and crash repairs in Guildford, call Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743030.