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Approved BMW Repairs in Guildford

Signs that You Need New Brakes

The braking system is the most essential safety system of any vehicle. As such, it is critical that your brakes remain in good working condition. This helps to ensure optimal performance and reliability. However, over time and with regular usage, brakes can suffer from wear and tear. Brake pads, discs and shoes can last for anything between 10,000 miles to 50,000 miles, depending on their quality, the vehicle weight and even your driving style.

At Dorking Accident Repair Centre, we deal with every aspect of your braking system. Our expert personnel check and replace elements, like brake pads, as part of authorised Audi accident repairs, approved Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs around Guildford.

With manufacturer approval from a wide range of marques, such as SEAT, Skoda and Subaru, we only ever use genuine, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Furthermore, whether carrying out approved BMW repairs or maintenance works on another brand, our work always complies with the manufacturer’s standards.

This means we can guarantee the optimal performance of your vehicle whilst keeping your warranties intact.  

If you notice the following 5 red flags, contact our accident repair centre as soon as possible, for a thorough brake check:

  1. Brake Fade - If it takes longer to bring your car to a stop than it used to, your vehicle may suffer from brake fade. This is often a result of applying your brakes over a distance, without completely stopping your vehicle. Some motorists in Guildford may have to use this manoeuvre if they regularly drive downhill, for example.

    Sustained contact between the brake pads and the rotors will cause both components to heat up. This reduces their ability to generate the necessary amount of friction required to bring the car to a halt.

    Book in with our trained technicians as soon as you notice this problem. Resolving the issue early enough will avoid preventable accidents and, therefore, the need for VW accident repairs or authorised Audi accident repairs.
  2. Strange Noises - Some motorists in the Guildford area come to us for approved BMW repairs or approved Volvo repairs because they hear a squeal or a grinding noise when they brake. This is usually the built-in wear indicator, signalling that your current brake pads are in danger of wearing away altogether. If, however, you feel vibrations in your brake pedal or steering wheel, this could be due to warped brake discs.

    We resolve both issues at our accident repair centre.
  3. Poor Tracking - Your car should always track straight when you brake. If it pulls to the left or to the right instead, this could indicate that the brake pads are more worn on one side than the other. Not dealing with this issue will place unnecessary stress on the steering rack, wheel bearings and other parts of your vehicle. As specialists in authorised Audi accident repairs, as well as in car servicing and general maintenance work on a range of other industry-leading brands, we replace unevenly worn brake pads with ease.
  4. Spongy Brake Pedal - Sometimes the pads are not the problem. Motorists around Guildford have come to us for approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs because their brake pedal feels spongy. This can happen when air gets into the brake lines of your vehicle, obstructing the flow of your brake fluid. At our accident repair centre, we carry out a full diagnostic on your braking system.

    If necessary, as part of approved Volvo repairs, our mechanics will flush and change your brake fluid to resolve this particular problem.
  5. Unresponsive Brake Pedal - Reliable brakes should be responsive but not too sensitive. However, if you have to press the pedal to the floor before your car begins to slow down, you may have a leak in your brake system. This is a very serious issue.

    At Dorking Accident Repair Centre, we check and fix such problems as part of our Audi, BMW, SEAT, Skoda, Subaru, Volvo and VW accident repairs.

Call us on 01306 743030 for brake pad replacements in Guildford. We also perform VW accident repairs, approved BMW repairs, authorised Audi accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs.