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Covering All Aspects of Car Accident Repairs, Including Dent Repairs in Horsham | Dorking Accident Repair Centre

In another one of our articles, we look at one of the big issues that causes Horsham and wider Surrey motorists to experience collisions and subsequently require car accident repairs (from minor dent repairs to major car body repairs) – icy roads. There we cite statistics which show many drivers don’t really know how long it takes to brake in icy conditions, and often won’t give themselves enough room to stop. But it isn’t just the colder, winter months in which drivers experience avoidable crashes, and find themselves visiting Dorking Accident Repair Centre for crash repairs…


In fact, many motorists regularly make simple mistakes at the wrong time or in the wrong place. In this article, we take a look at separate statistics to identify these mistakes, to illuminate problems that may be easy to put right. Our end goal is to reduce the likelihood that you, or indeed your fellow motorists, do find yourselves requiring car accident repairs like the aforementioned dent repairs / car body repairs.


If this advice is coming a little too late and you’ve already experienced an accident, then this won’t do you much good! So pick up the phone and call us directly on 01306 743 030. Our fully qualified team provide friendly customer service from first point of contact until the car accident repairs you require have been completed.


Avoiding Driver Error-caused Car Accidents


First of all, please keep in mind that all the below statistics relate to accidents which are known to have been caused by driver error, unless specifically stated otherwise. Within this category:


• ~40% were due to the driver failing to look properly

• 20%  were down to a failure to judge a fellow motorist’s path or speed

• 15% were due to a lack of care, speeding or reckless endangerment

• ~14% due to a poor turn/manoeuvre

• ~12% as a result of losing control of a vehicle


Here are some tips to avoid said errors:


Adjust Your Mirrors – We advise Horsham motorists to frame their rear window in their main mirror, and to adjust wing mirrors so that the horizon is in the centre of the mirror but the rear quarter panel of the vehicle is still just about visible.


Remember to Check Your Mirrors – It might seem obvious, but so many car accident repairs are required due to a simple failure to check mirrors (many falling into the above 40% category). Check your mirrors (and indeed your blind spot) during all of the following situations to lessen the likelihood of needing avoidable car body repairs or dent repairs:


1. Before you indicate

2. Before turning

3. When changing speed

4. When moving off from a stationary start


Stay Focused – The 20% of accidents due to not properly judging a motorist’s path are often down to “zoning out”. Many Horsham drivers are constantly heading from A to B, taking the same route day in and day out. It can be tempting to flick on “auto-pilot”, but being complacent could easily lead to an accident and a visit to Dorking Accident Repair Centre for crash repairs. Assume that other drivers can and will make mistakes.


Braking Distance – As this is covered elsewhere on this website, we’ll keep it short and sweet. Braking distance is twice as long in wet conditions and a whopping ten times as long in snowy conditions. So always drive slower than you usually would, and give vehicles in front of you plenty of space. Also be sure to make gentle manoeuvres, and avoid having to stop part way up a hill.


Keep in Control – While just 12% of this category of accidents were due to loss of control, this is also one of the most dangerous things that can happen while driving, and the likelihood of serious injury and the need for extensive car body repairs is high. And when you factor in loss of control due to a component failing, rather than isolating driver error, it constitutes a 32% chunk of all driving accidents. Advice we offer Horsham drivers to avoid becoming part of this statistic includes: ensure that your tyres aren’t either over or under inflated, that your tyres have ample tread and this doesn’t fall below the legal limit of 1.6mm, and that your oil levels are maintained at the proper level.


Other miscellanies tips we offer Dorking Accident Repair Centre clients include: don’t be afraid to sound your horn should you need to turn around a blind corner, likewise you can flash your lights to tell someone to slow down should you believe they’re driving recklessly.


If you require affordable, professional car accident repairs in Horsham, call your local specialist for crash repairs – Dorking Accident Repair Centre – on 01306 743 030.