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Restore Your Car to Its Former Glory With Crash Repairs in Leatherhead | Dorking Accident Repair Centre

During the colder months, roads throughout Leatherhead and the wider Surrey area can get rather icy, adding an extra dimension to road safety. In fact, many of both the major crash repairs and car body repairs, as well as minor dent repairs we carry out during winter are a direct result of patches of ice and snow. So it really pays to drive extra-carefully and keep a look out for precarious areas of road to avoid/drive slowly through.


The Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd team has observed research from Brake and Direct Line, which found that over 70% of drivers do not know how much longer it takes for a vehicle to stop on an icy road. But by finding out, they could avoid an accident and save some money on the car accident repairs they would otherwise need. This same research goes on to say that 11% of drivers think the stopping distance is twice as long in icy conditions, 33% think it’s four times longer and 27% think it’s five times longer. The real answer? It takes 10 times longer to stop on ice than in normal driving conditions.


Let’s say you’re driving on one of Leatherhead’s nice warm summer days. You’re travelling at 30mph and need to brake right away. It takes 23m to stop (the formula used to calculate this includes both thinking time and braking distance). In icy conditions, that’s 230m! It’s really no wonder why the volume of car body repairs, dent repairs and similar crash repairs spike up in and around the Christmas months.


The key take away that we hope Dorking Accident Repair Centre clients will take from this information is the exponential rate at which speed effects stopping distance. When on icy roads, driving slowly and doing the exact opposite of tail gating – by giving the car in front of you plenty of space – can ensure that you have enough room to break even in emergency situations.


And this latter point can be a rather important one, and is accounted for by Brake and Direct Line. Did you know that one in every five drivers do not check the space between their vehicle and the one in front? Furthermore, a fifth do not leave a large enough gap, so that if they need to break on an icy road they end up experiencing an accident. Whether this is a serious accident in need of crash repairs like car body repairs, or less serious car accident repairs (e.g minor dent repairs) depends on the speed the two vehicles are travelling at, and whether a third party or terrain is involved.


Experts recommend that you leave at least four seconds of stopping time between vehicles in wet/icy weather. Many Leatherhead clients might think to themselves: “But how on earth am I meant to calculate that?” The truth is, you have to use your intuition. It’s not an exact science, but ere on the side of caution and you’re less likely to find yourself paying a visit to Dorking Accident Repair Centre!


We Provide Affordable Car Accident Repairs in Leatherhead


But if you do…. Rest assured that all is not lost. We provide very affordable car accident repairs – which cover everything from the smallest of dent repairs, to significant car body repairs – delivered in a timely manner. So pay us a visit, just a short drive from Leatherhead in Dorking, to ensure that crash repairs aren’t any more of an inconvenience than they have to be.


For affordable car accident repairs, visit Dorking Accident Repair Centre. Our premises is just a short drive from Leatherhead. Call us on 01306 743 030.