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What to Do if Someone Hits Your Parked Car

Have you parked your vehicle somewhere in Oxshott, Dorking or Surrey only to return and find out it’s been damaged? Dorking Accident Repair Centre lets you know exactly what to do in such a situation. With extensive experience in the industry, we offer expert advice and complete solutions for every make and model of vehicle. This includes approved BMW repairs and authorised Audi accident repairs. Committed to delivering the most reliable services, we are proud to also undertake approved Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for vehicle owners to find that another driver has caused damage to their car without leaving their details. We understand this can be a very stressful situation, which is why we do everything we can to make resolving the issue as hassle free and as simple as possible.

Although it’s a crime to hit a parked vehicle and drive off without leaving a note, this happens in about 91% of cases. If you fall into this category, the following is a useful guide for the steps you should take.

If you’re looking for approved BMW repairs in Oxshott, or professional services for any other make or model, Dorking Accident Repair Centre is the company you need. We offer everything from dent repairs to chassis alignment and VW accident repairs.

Witnesses & CCTV

It’s worth asking anyone nearby if they saw what happened. They may have taken down the person’s details for you, or if they can tell you what happened, you can use this information for insurance purposes.

If you’re parked somewhere in Oxshott with CCTV, such as a monitored car park, you should ask attendants or owners if they can provide CCTV footage. In hit and run cases, they are usually happy to help.

Take Photos of the Damage

Most insurance companies require photo evidence of damage. Take photos of any damage to your vehicle as soon as possible, as well as photos of where you were parked. Your smartphone will time and date stamp your pictures, so you can give precise details to your insurance provider.

Clear photos also help when getting quotes from an accident repair centre, if you decide to fix the damage yourself. If this is your preferred method, it’s important to seek the help of vetted technicians. We provide approved Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs, as well as specialising in BMW and Audi models.

Contact the Third Party

If the person who hit your car in Oxshott did leave a note, you should contact them to discuss how best to deal with the matter. You can either involve your insurance companies or handle it privately.

Often, to avoid the involvement of insurance companies, the third party will offer to pay for damages themselves. In these cases, we can provide a quote for all vehicles, including approved Volvo repairs and authorised Audi accident repairs.

Experienced technicians, such as those at Dorking Accident Repair Centre, will offer comprehensive solutions to fix the damage. We undertake everything from dent and scratch repairs to alloy wheel repairs and panel replacements in Oxshott and Surrey.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

Even if you decide to handle the matter privately, it’s still important for you to inform your insurance company. This ensures you are covered in any situation. Most insurance providers also require you to tell them about any damage to your vehicle. If you fail to do so, your policy could become invalid.

Vehicle Repairs

The final step in dealing with vehicle damage is undertaking professional repairs. With many years of experience, our team provides every service you could need. If you require specialist skills, we offer authorised Audi accident repairs in addition to approved BMW repairs. We are also approved providers of VW and Volvo services.

For the most stress-free solutions, Dorking Accident Repair Centre also undertakes insurance claims management.

If you need a trusted accident repair centre in Dorking or Oxshott, contact us today on 01306 743030 to talk to a member of our team.