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Expertly Delivered Car Body Repairs in Oxshott | Dorking Accident Repair Centre Ltd

One of the biggest aspects of what we do on an everyday basis are car body repairs following road accidents in Oxshott and wider Surrey. We often read about savvy motorists who are keen to do as much of their automotive maintenance and repairs at home, without having to visit professionals like those at Dorking Accident Repair Centre.


While something like changing a tyre or even replacing brake pads can often be done at home by following a well-written online guide, we wouldn’t recommend that any prospective Oxshott client attempt car accident repairs at home, even if it’s minor dent repairs. We’ve seen first-hand what can happen, and often amateur crash repairs make an easily solvable problem even worse! But of course an accident repair centre would argue this for the sake of your custom, right?


That’s why in this article, we’ve looked to show you first hand why it’s worth calling in the professionals by running through the different stages of our very minor car body repairs process. Obviously with more significant crash repairs, the process changes and the need for a professional touch is even more pronounced.


How We Handle Minor Car Body Repairs & Dent Repairs


Cleaning & Degreasing – The simplest aspect of car body repairs, but very important. The damaged area needs to be completely free of grease, tar, dirt and other unwanted substances. Specialist chemical degreasers can help in this preparatory stage.


Sanding – And now the tricky stuff begins. We sand the damaged area to remove scratches, and ensure that subsequent stages involved in crash repairs can be carried out on a “fresh canvas”. A Dorking Accident Repair Centre engineer will employ an orbital sander, before continuing by hand with varying grades of sandpaper, chosen to suit the specific type of damage an Oxshott client’s vehicle has sustained. Grades range from 40grit to 4,000 grit, with the higher the value the finer the grain.


Priming – The next stage of minor car body repairs / dent repairs is priming the area in question. It’s masked off and any nearby components are also covered to ensure the primer isn’t applied to anything accidentally. A spray gun is used to ensure even layers. Between each layer of application, the area is dried with infrared heat lamps. Some Oxshott clients may observe the amount of specialist equipment involved in car accident repairs, which we hope is enough to demonstrate the importance of hiring a professional, before you even consider the workmanship itself.


Painting – A bad paint job can completely kill the value of a vehicle until it’s sorted out, so it’s essential to get this process right. The first thing to consider is getting the exact right shade of paint to match the rest of the vehicle. We’ll do this by using a spectrometer, which gives a precise reading of your car’s colour. We can then mix paint to match. Then we protect all the surrounding areas and apply the paint with a spray gun, being careful to feather the edges to achieve a smooth finish.


As with priming, a heating lamp is used between coats. This is important as damp or humidity can ruin the finish, and need to be eliminated. The number of coats applied will vary, depending on whether it’s minor car body repairs (like dent repairs), or you’ve come to Dorking Accident Repair Centre for a more serious and extensive project – like crash repairs / similar car accident repairs.


Lacquering & Polishing – The finishing touches. Firstly, the lacquering which is a relatively short and sweet stage which helps provide the paint with a durable and attractive finish (we want our Oxshott clients to be amazed at the finished product). We spray the lacquer on and let it dry for somewhere in the region of 15 minutes. Then we’ll employ an orbital machine polisher with different grades of pad, and buff the polish until it’s gleaming.


Dorking Accident Repair Centre is the Oxshott area’s first choice for all aspects of car accident repairs – from the most minor dent repairs, all the way through to major car body repairs (e.g major crash repairs). So the next time you need an expert team to restore your vehicle to its former glory, give us a call.


You can reach Dorking Accident Repair Centre on 01306 743 030. We’re a popular choice for Oxshott motorists in need of affordable, professional car accident repairs and dent repairs.