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Authorised Audi Accident Repairs in Redhill

The Importance of Using Genuine Parts

When you need repairs to your vehicle in Redhill or the surrounding areas, you want to know that you are getting the most suitable products. By using genuine parts, we ensure your vehicle runs as efficiently and reliably as possible. Because Dorking Accident Repair Centre offers authorised Audi accident repairs, as well as approved BMW repairs, you know you’re getting the very best parts. We also undertake VW accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs so, if you own one of these makes, you can also rely on us to deliver exactly what you need.

Not all car centres can provide the same expert services as us. Having been working in the industry for so many years, we have continued to build on our reputation, allowing us to become approved repairers for multiple manufacturer makes.

However, we repair all makes and models to the highest standard. No matter what vehicle you have, when you choose Dorking Accident Repair Centre, you know you’re getting the very best service.

Many car owners in Redhill don’t fully understand the importance of using genuine parts for vehicle repairs. The following is some of the key information you should know. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are genuine parts?

Genuine parts, also called original equipment (OE), are the same parts as your vehicle was fitted with when it was made. They come with the logo of the car manufacturer and are the most common option for vehicles that are still under warranty.

With genuine parts, you have the reassurance of the quality of the products, and a manufacturer’s guarantee. That’s why we use genuine parts for all authorised Audi accident repairs and approved repairs of other makes in Redhill, including approved Volvo repairs.

Genuine parts are different to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are made by the same original manufacturing company as genuine parts and are sold by them. This means they don’t carry the branding of a specific car company.

Why use genuine parts for Audi, BMW, Volvo & VW accident repairs?

There’s a reason your car came with the parts it has. Every aspect of your vehicle was carefully designed by specialist car manufacturers with performance, efficiency, reliability and comfort in mind. As such, genuine parts ensure you continue to enjoy the full potential of your vehicle.

At Dorking Accident Repair Centre, we don’t just want to patch up your car and send you on your way. We want to make sure you receive the best possible service and experience your car the way you were meant to.

Approved BMW repairs, and authorised work to other makes, ensures you get the same high quality of performance and vehicle safety. You also have complete peace of mind knowing that parts have been thoroughly tested for functionality and compatibility.

Because we carry out authorised Audi accident repairs, we have no problem sourcing high-quality, genuine parts for your vehicle. If you’re based in the Redhill or Surrey areas and need Audi, BMW, VW or approved Volvo repairs, we supply the ideal parts and products for your needs.

Trained & Experienced Technicians

While it’s important to source genuine parts for your vehicle, it’s just as important to make sure skilled technicians carry out repairs. This ensures you get the highest standard of service and workmanship.

At Dorking Accident Repair Centre, every member of our team is fully trained to deliver professional services and receives ongoing manufacturer training. This is how we continue to provide approved BMW repairs and VW accident repairs, as well as authorised work to Audi and Volvo makes.

Our combination of expertise and high-quality, genuine parts is what makes us a leading bodyshop for customers in Redhill and the surrounding areas. We use the most suitable tools and equipment for every service to ensure the best results.

Call us today on 01306 743030 for more information about the parts we use, and for approved vehicle repairs, including authorised Audi accident repairs, in Redhill.