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Approved Volvo Repairs in Weybridge

Types of Wheel Damage

We’ve all experienced that moment when we hit a pothole or kerb. Often, you get away with no damage or very minor scrapes. Sometimes however, the damage is more extensive and requires the attention of trained technicians. Dorking Accident Repair Centre offers approved BMW repairs as well as VW accident repairs and services for all other makes. We quickly identify damage to your wheels or tyres and provide expert solutions to keep you safe on the road. If you are an Audi or Volvo driver in Weybridge and the surrounding areas, you can enjoy the benefits of our authorised Audi accident repairs and approved Volvo repairs.

We know it can be scary when you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. That’s why we’ve provided a handy guide to the different types of wheel damage you may experience. If you have a problem with your car, come and see us as soon as possible for reliable repairs and replacements.

With countless years of experience, we are proud to offer services for trade and fleet customers as well as individuals in the Weybridge area.

Tyre Damage

Around the UK, and especially in Surrey, potholes and poor road surfaces are major causes for concern among drivers. If your wheel hits a pothole, even at a slow speed, damage can occur to your tyre. This can make driving unsafe and may lead to more serious damage, such as a puncture.

If you hit a pothole at a higher speed, your tyre may split and lose pressure immediately. Often, you will know if damage has been caused because control of your vehicle will suddenly become more difficult.

However, wheel damage is not always obvious. We recommend drivers in Weybridge pull over when it is safe to do so to check that tyres are still safe to drive on.

If your tyres have become damaged in an accident, it’s important to take your car for repairs as soon as possible. Dorking Accident Repair Centre offers services for all manufacturer makes and models as well as approved BMW repairs, VW accident repairs and specialist services for Audi and Volvo marques.

Dents to Alloy Wheels

As well as tyre damage, dents to alloy wheels are also a common problem faced by drivers in Weybridge. This can cause driving issues in addition to affecting the appearance of your vehicle.

To ensure you stay safe on the road, make sure you get dents checked out by the professionals at Dorking Accident Repair Centre at your earliest convenience.

If your alloy wheels are significantly damaged, we may recommend a replacement rather than a repair. We only do this when necessary to maintain maximum safety and to ensure the quality of workmanship. No matter what car you drive, we supply high-quality parts that are tested for reliability and functionality.

As a centre undertaking authorised Audi accident repairs, we supply genuine parts for all Audi makes in Weybridge. We also offer approved Volvo repairs alongside BMW and VW services.

Scuffs and Kerb Damage

Scraping alloys on kerbs and other obstacles is a common cause of scruffs, scratches and chips. While these types of damage won’t affect the handling or performance of your car, they do make it look rundown and scruffy.

With many years of training and experience, our team provides complete alloy wheel refurbishments, repairs and replacements for customers in Weybridge and the surrounding towns. Making sure to protect your tyres, we clean, sand and fill to breathe new life into your alloy wheels.

Why Choose Dorking Accident Repair Centre?

There are many reasons why so many car owners in Surrey choose us for wheel and tyre repair services. These components play a key role in the handling, safety and overall performance of your vehicle. As such, it’s vital to keep them in the best condition.

By choosing us, you enjoy the benefits of specialist services, including approved BMW repairs and authorised Audi accident repairs. Having been working in the industry for so many years, we provide the exact services you need to the highest standard.

Undertaking approved Volvo repairs and VW accident repairs, you have complete peace of mind knowing you are receiving reliable solutions. We also offer expert alloy wheel refurbishments and replacements for all other makes. So, no matter your needs, we here to help.

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